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Video: The Rainmakers

A secret rainmaking ritual is threatened by extinction. The anthropologists Knut Christian Myhre and Frode Storaas travel to Tanzania to document it for posterity.

Tanzanian parks need bigger buffers

New research shows that Tanzania needs to increase the buffer zones around its national parks to minimize the conflicts between humans and wild animals.

Aggressive HIV subtype leads faster to AIDS

A newly discovered subtype of the HIV virus in West Africa causes a quicker progression into AIDS than other varieties of the virus known worldwide, according to Swedish research.

Africa's women rise on quotas

In 2008 Rwanda became the first country in the world to fill its parliament with a majority of women. Now the rest of Africa follows in the landlocked country’s footsteps.

Alcohol prevents development in Malawi

Positive expectations towards drinking alcohol in Malawi will in the end promote drinking itself, according to researcher.

Researchers cooperate with ‘medicine men’

Pregnant women in Mali are dependent on medicine men and women, also called traditional practitioners (TPs) of folk medicine. Researchers are now collaborating with these healers to help improve their practice.

Serengeti road divides biologists

Will a road across the northern tier of Serengeti National Park ruin it?

Little sustainable growth in African cities

Lack of coordinated urban development leads to unsustainable and informal city growth. African governments need to be more prepared for rapid urban growth, says researcher.

Ghana puts its hope in oil

Norway is helping Africa’s youngest oil nation with a prescription for prosperity. But the learning goes both ways.

African agronomists keep ties to Norway

Norway has played a key role in agricultural research in Tanzania. Two Norwegian government ministers visited the country this week.