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Older teens tackle divorces adeptly

Today’s adolescents generally excel at taking care of one another. Researchers think such empathy and friendship is helping them come to grips with parents’ divorces.

Aggressive adolescents consuming more alcohol

Adolescents who behave aggressively are likely to drink more alcohol than their peers – while those suffering from depression or anxiety drink less.

Adolescents regret having watched porn

Six out of ten adolescents aged 13 to 16 have viewed porn or sex on the web. Many of the youngest ones wish they hadn’t. More girls than boys found it repulsive.

Gender differences diminish among young porn users

Swedish girls and boys fantasise about the same kinds of porn-inspired sex. Young Norwegians also learn about sex from pornography.

Less time for meal breaks

Fewer and fewer pupils in Norwegian schools are given the 20-minute meal break recommended by the government.

Psychoses in teens no more disabling than in adults

Teenagers who are schizophrenic are apt to have reduced mental function, but counter to previous assumptions, their disability is no worse than among patients who are initially diagnosed in adulthood.

Helping adolescents build a positive body image

Young people with a sound attitude towards their own bodies have one thing in common―parents who don’t focus on physiques and appearances.

One in three teenagers suffers chronic stress

A third of all Swedish 16-year-olds are seriously stressed out, according to a new survey. Nearly one in ten also had symptoms of acute burnout.

Teens need more sleep, but don't sleep enough

Adolescents know they should be sleeping more than they do. Teens in a recent study said they sleep two hours less than they feel they should on weekdays.