Study in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries place a high priority on internationalisation in their education systems.

Each country has international programmes that enable students from all over the world to visit through exchange programmes, institutional agreements or though the so-called free mover agreements.

Depending on your arrangements, this allows you to do a semester, a doctorate degree or anything in between in one of the Nordic countries as part of your degree.

The strong focus on internationalisation has forged a large number of international programmes, enabling both local and overseas students to do their degree in English.

Participating in the teaching and establishing a social life in the region now only present minor linguistic barriers as you will find that Nordic people in general have strong English language skills.

Student life in Nordic terms

Student life includes attending lectures, seminars and tutorials. On top of this, you are most likely expected to participate in group project work and to set aside time for self-study.

After and during a semester, each student’s work is evaluated through oral and written exams, class presentations as well as individual and group projects.