Research in the Nordic Countries

(Photo: Colourbox)

The Nordic region offers its very own perspective on research, with each of the countries having its own area of expertise along with strong networks across the borders.

A study of the productivity and impact level of research among the OECD countries placed the five Nordic countries firmly in the top ten, both in terms of number of papers per inhabitant and number of citations.

For more about Nordic research in an international perspective, see the Research Barometer 2009.

Formal teamwork in Nordic research

Research partnerships across the Nordic countries have a longstanding tradition. At governmental level, this is facilitated by the Nordic council of Ministers which functions as a research forum for the five countries.

Established under the Nordic Council of Ministers is Nordforsk, an organisation that provides funding for the Nordic research cooperation and offers advice and input on Nordic research policy. Nordforsk is also responsible for research and researcher training across the Nordic region.

In addition to Nordforsk, a number of co-operative bodies have been established in across the region. These include: