ScienceNordic is a joint effort of in Denmark and in Norway. Both are independent science news services and are fully responsible for content and operation.

ScienceNordic's partners are:


As is common in the Nordic countries, ScienceNordic has received funding from governmental agencies and funds.

ScienceNordic received seed money from NordForsk, which gave us a good start. NordForsk is an organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers that provides funding for Nordic research cooperation. NordForsk will also be a major contributor in 2012.

The Ministry of Education and Research in Norway and The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education in Denmark also provided funds to establish the service.


The Nordic Partners

ScienceNordic is a Nordic cooperation, with participation from all five Nordic countries. In addition to in Denmark and in Norway, these are the Nordic partners:

SWEDEN: is a website that provides information on research and research findings in Sweden. is owned by ten public authorities and foundations that fund research. The editorial office is located in the Swedish Research Council´s buildings.

Expertsvar is a media service which helps journalists find the 'right' researcher for expert commentary, for background information, or to find a new angle on the subject. Expertsvar is created by the universities in Sweden and is run by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with the other member institutions

FINLAND: (in Finnish only) is a website providing science news and results to the general public and functions as a portal to research resources in Finland. is owned by the The Academy of Finland, which finances scientific research.

The Icelandic Centre for Research, Rannís, administers research funds and programmes in Iceland. Rannís also communicates science results to the general public. 

ScienceNordic has yet to establish formal partnerships in the three autonomous territories, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Åland Islands, but will also work to include science news from these regions., and Rannís are all publicly owned and administered, and the sites are not editorially independent. Their contributions will therefore be found in the ‘News from our partners’ section.

Media partners

ScienceNordic cooperates with and receives content from the following independent media partners:

  • Forskning & Framsteg – Swedish science magazine (in Swedish only)
  • Aktuel Naturvidenskab – Danish magazine with news and background stories from the natural sciences. (in Danish only)
  • Skalk – A Danish periodical with articles about prehistoric and medieval archaeology, history and related topics. (in Danish only)
  • Apollon - A Norwegian independent science magazine - originated at the University of Oslo (in Norwegian only).
Become a partner

At ScienceNordic we invite research institutions to partner with us.

If you would like information about partnership principles and conditions, please contact us at

Local Norwegian partners

In Norway a number of research institutions, information and resource centres and funding agencies are connected to ScienceNordic through their affiliation with News from these 72 Norwegian partners can be found in the ‘News from our partners’ section.

Local Danish partners

In Denmark, a number of research institutions and foundations support the creation and publishing of science-related content. News from these partners can be found in the ‘News from our partners’ section.

International partners